Protect your family and home with a reliable drinking water generator from SunToWater.
Generating up to 8 gallons of fresh, pure drinking water per day from air, the SunToWater Atmospheric Water Generator is making home atmospheric water generation secure, safe and sustainable.

High volume output

Up to 8 gallons of fresh, pure drinking water per day

Low humidity environments

Generates drinking water in humidity as low as 10%

Safety and Security

You control the creation of drinking water for your family

Reliable water-from-air technology is finally coming home.

In the past, atmospheric water generation at home was either cost-prohibitive or the volume produced couldn’t sustain a family’s drinking water needs.

Until now.

Your family can make your own drinking water, and not have to worry about municipal water contamination or plastic bottled water challenges.

The SunToWater Atmospheric Water Generator delivers up to 8 gallons of pure, fresh drinking water per day, enough to keep your family secure for daily family life, as well as emergency situations.

Bringing peace of mind to more than ever before

The SunToWater Atmospheric Water Generator is engineered to augment a sustainable home and lifestyle, as well as deliver peace of mind in the event the water supply is compromised.

Other applications include military operations and bringing safe, reliable drinking water to people in need around the world.

How SunToWater Makes Water from Air

On a mission to bring more fresh, pure drinking water to the world.

Meet the people who are powering SunToWater’s mission to make water independence possible through innovative water-from-air technologies.

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