How much water will each unit produce?
Each unit is estimated to produce up to 20 gallons of potable water daily. Multiple units can be stacked together to meet the water needs of any size home or business.

How much water do I need to water my lawn and keep it green?
That depends on the size of your garden. Small to medium sized gardens that are watered two or three times a week can be served by one unit. If you have a big garden or are growing veggies in a garden, you might want several units.

Can I get the water piped into my kitchen?
Sure! You can pipe water into your kitchen just like a water softener system. You can replace your tap water with the water from your Water Generator, or you can add a new, second tap that provides fresh drinking water.

How long will my Water Generator last?  
The Water Generator has a 10-year life and comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

How much water will it make over its 10-year life?   
Each unit is estimated to produce up to 20 gallons per day, depending on power source and humidity.

Will the design change from what’s shown on the website?
As we commercialize the product, we may make design changes to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Can I change the color of my Water Generator?
This will depend on your installation partner. Right now, the units come in an elegant silver stainless steel. Certain installation partners may offer shrink wrap color schemes (white, black, green, camouflage, etc). The installer may offer these options if available in your area.



Can I drink the water? Is it safe?  
Absolutely! The Water Generator can produce drinking water that meets the World Health Organization guidelines for drinking water quality. The water can be used for human consumption, agriculture and can even be further purified to create ultra-pure water for medical uses.

Can I get clean water even if I live in a place with heavy air pollution?
Yes. The SunToWater system produces pure drinking water, even from heavily polluted air. Polluted air can be blown into the unit, through the unit and out of the unit, but our salt-based absorbing element that draws the water out of the air will only ever absorb the H2O. In other words, no matter how dirty the air is (even LA smog), the output is always pure, delicious drinking water.

What is the price per gallon of water?
Pennies per gallon. It depends on your power source (solar vs. traditional plug in) and the level of heat and humidity in your area. The price per gallon will likely range from 3.5¢ to 8¢/gallon on solar. It may be bit higher if you plug into a traditional power source (the wall).



How much power is needed per gallon?
When used as directed, our Water Generators only need an estimated 0.51kWh per gallon as we use small, low-powered fans to gently blow air across a natural and non-toxic, salt-based absorbing element to extract the water.

Can the Water Generator be plugged into traditional power sources?  
Yes. If you don’t have solar panels or don’t want them, each unit can simply be plugged into a traditional power outlet.

Can I use solar power to drive my Water Generator?  
Of course. You can use your existing solar panels or we can help you install new ones through local solar service partners.

Does the unit come with solar and thermal panels?  
No. Solar and thermal panels are not included with the unit.



How much will the installation cost?   
Installation costs will vary based upon your location and the complexity of your specific installation (i.e. plumbing into your house, installing a new kitchen tap, plumbing into a swimming pool and/or a  sprinkler system, installing one unit or multiple units, etc.).

Who can handle the installation?
Any certified plumber will be able to install the unit, which comes with the necessary installation instructions and a help line. If you have a plumber you know and trust who is certified, you can use him. If not, we have local partners that will contact you once your unit is ready to ship.



Does the water meet drinking water standards?  
Absolutely! The Water Generator produces drinking water that meets the World Health Organization guidelines for drinking water quality.



What is the warranty on the unit?  
Our plan is that the unit will come with an estimated 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.



What maintenance is required?
The Water Generators do not require any consumables, and its passive absorption technology implicitly reduces its moving parts. This minimizes potential points of failure, making devices more robust for shipping and installation, and reducing overall maintenance.



Is the technology patented?  
Yes. SunToWater Technologies, LLC currently holds 14 issued patents with more in the pipeline.



Who is leading the company?
The management team comprises world-class engineers and leaders with water industry and financial experience. To learn more about the team, click here.

Can I invest in the company?
For all investor related questions, please email us at

As a member of the press, can I get an interview with the CEO or Founders?
Yes. For all media requests, please email us at

I have another question. Who can I ask?
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