SunToWater Wins Silicon Valley Impact Challenge with Water Generation Solution to Address California’s Drought.

By extracting drinking water from earth’s air, company’s solar-powered technology promises inexpensive, abundant volumes to meet world’s shortages.

The competition challenged over 100 applicants from across the country to demonstrate that their solution would positively impact the severe drought situation in California by leveraging new and exponentially growing technologies to increase local water supply.

SunToWater Wins the Founder Showcase Competition in Mountain View, California

The Company entered the 16th annual Founder Showcase competition and won 1st place, besting hundreds of others Silicon Valley startups. The Founder Showcase is Silicon Valley’s leading seed-stage startup event.

Over 300 startups applied, but in the end […] SunToWater took the 1st Place and set the company on a path to commercialization of its revolutionary Water Generator.

Get a Water Generator that makes up to 40 gallons of water every day.

Beyond VR, a host of unexpected — yet somehow credible — products are seeing the light of day.

It’s now possible to purchase a kitchen hive to harvest edible insects to substitute meat-protein (LIVIN farms), take a shower or nap in a luxury Bay Area hotel (Recharge), or get a Water Generator that makes up to 40 gallons of water every day.


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